Purposely Blessed Company

Intentional Integrity Inspire

Hi beautiful, you may have noticed our shop has been closed for about a year, but the message is still outpouring. Allow me to share my heart and the importance of obedience to God vs. feeling the need to be and do more. Sometimes our greatest blessings is simply being patient in His presence vs. feeling pressured to hustle and grind. I believe God has called us to be intentional in our homes, hearts, walk, business, and ministries. Running a business, being available for a family, and God can be hard at times. It requires me to be poured into daily (I cannot pour from an empty cup). During this year I have been blessed beyond measure as a reflection of my obedience. I look forward to sharing all that has been taking place behind the scenes. But in God's perfect timing. If God is calling you too,"pause,"do so without feeling like you will loose something, or someone. Any time sacrificed, and spent with God is a gain. We appreciate your friendship, business and your patience. We'll be back up and running soon! Contact @ purposelyblessed@yahoo.com

Love & Blessings,